I live in Brighton (UK) where I enjoy a good balance between work and healthy living - I count myself lucky to have a home office overlooking panoramic views of the South Downs (a great place to escape in the afternoons too for a spot of mountain biking or hiking).

I've been designing portfolio websites for creatives since the late nineties - that's a long time in internet terms and nearly all my clients (over 200 of them) have stayed with me so I assume I must be doing things right. I offer a bespoke no nonsense design service - at the heart of all my work is clean, functional design that should not distract the viewer from the content.

I also count myself lucky to have been approached by so many great clients that allow me to have so much creative freedom.

Design Process

Meticulous attention to detail and a sharp eye for composition underpins all my work... whether creating a new brand and identity, composing a newsletter or designing a navigation for a website I consider all aspects of how the design should perform and function without compromising the integrity of aesthetics.

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